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Made with 100% usa grown soy, phthalate-free fragrances + lead/zinc free cotton wicks

Hand poured in small batches to ensure quality + consistency with each product. Attractive, eco-friendly recycled glass jars + custom burned cork lids are perfect for upcycling + repurposing throughout your home.


Aster & Indigo Candles

  • Coffee House: Bring your favorite coffee house smells right into your home with our coffee shop candle! Rich espresso blended with caramel and maple create a perfectly rounded scent of strong coffee with a sweet twist.

    Farmhouse Kitchen: A perfect custom blend brings fresh baked goods to life in your kitchen! Top notes of almond, vanilla + caramel with hints of cookie dough + maple rum.

    Honey Spiced Pear: Freshly picked pears covered in sugar, fresh honey, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla. It i

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