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Sand Cherry Coffee is a dream we are realizing of wanting to make good coffee, and offer delicious homemade baked foods that is a skill that has been passed down for generations.  The bakery is rooted in the heritage of my family, learning how to bake and cook from my grandmothers and mother, from before I could even look over the counter.  My grandpa ate bread with every meal, no matter what, probably a throw back to dust bowl days and you learned how to stretch food with a slice of bread. 


Our farm has seen hard days, but we have persevered, and now a fourth generation calls it home (at least much of the time).  Our farm is located in the south sand hills between Fort Morgan and Wiggins, CO.  Hence the name the Sand Cherry, which grows native in our pasture.  And since we do everything as a family, it made sense to name our coffee shop the Sand Cherry as well.  I was born and raised in Colorado, and Ben was born and raised in Wyoming.  We have been together for 11 years, and are now trying a new adventure with this cafe, in our new home of Ordway. 


But you will see so much influence of our whole family and our farm in everything that we do.  We grow heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables, and grow everything organically.  And we have the most spoiled chickens and ducks on the planet, whose eggs go into our baked goods.  We think you will taste.0/ the difference.  Happy chickens, happy eggs, happy bread.  You will also see the German Russian heritage we come from in our products.  The Volga Duetsch blood runs strong in our family (Wagner, Weimer, Haberman).  I picked up that very English last name from Ben, but the Volga German runs deep.  

In addition to growing heirloom fruits and veggies, we also grow black walnuts, wild berries, and weed free hay.  Kathy (mom) makes the most amazing jams and jellies that go great with everything.  And we also make many a craft, like quilts, candles, knitting, lotion, you name it.  Oh, and we must not forget our mules and horse, and all the color they add to the farm.  They make very good use of any produce we can't use and it gets chucked in the coral.  All of them spoiled!

We hope you get a chance to know us, our family, and our farm and hope you can taste the love and pride we put into our products.


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